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06 January 2018 @ 09:56 am
so idk if anyone is still here, but i need some advice.

back in november, i finally received my original birth certificate with my birth mother and birth father's names on it.

i found my birth mother via google and facebook. her name is dawn and i look a hell of a lot like her. the weirdest part is right now she lives about 20 mins from me. she works at the school district where i live. she also lived in a couple other towns that i did over the years. it's almost like she was keeping tabs on me. (or is it concidence?)

im having a tough time deciding if i should contact her or not. in my searching over the years, i never found one indication that she was looking for me. that could mean a lot of things though - she may not have known that those resources were at her disposal.

im just worried about being rejected. or getting hurt. or hurting her because im sure giving me up at such a young age took her a long time to get over. i was contacted on ancestry DNA by a cousin who is related to my birth grandmother and she confirmed that dawn is my birth mother.

i havent found anything on my birth father and only one person comes up when i google the name and that person is too old to be him.

i just need some input. idk what to do.